Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Online Auction Website

Online auction web site from Best auction site on the Internet – bid, buy and sell online with free image display for auction ads. BizOrigins is innovative online auction website that has recently popped on the scence. By innovative, I mean they have developed live/buyer sell chat for buyers and seller to sell online more effectively.

Live Buyer and Seller chat should give both parties more confidence in each other to conduct business. BizOrigins has also cut the cost for selling on online auctions. Here are the breakdown of fees:

  • No Listing fees- there are absolutely no listing fees. We all know listing fees hinder how much you list and how. To sell properly you must not be limited. Enhance your listing to catch the buyers' eye.
  • No Buy Now Fees- "Get It Sold" is their motto and with no buy now fees it certainly makes it much easier. If you need quick cash just list it as buy now. Get it sold within a day, maybe hours, or even that minute
  • No Bold Fees- Make your auction listing stand out by bolding it.
  • No Make Offer Fees- this option helping you get the best offer. If you list an item for $400, but will take $350 this is for you.

This is a great online auction site for those trying to cut out cost. Get rid of your unwated items by listing them on BizOrigins. Visit

Get your Own Auction Store Free

Free Auction Store

Hey, if you ever wanted to own your very own store on a auction site, here is your chance. No not an expensive ebay store. BizOrigins is allowing those who ever wanted to sell online to get a free auction store. For free, you can sell up to 5 items of your choice. You can highlight, bold, and upload media for low prices. The majority of auction and store enchancements are free:
  • No Listing Fees
  • No Bold Fees
  • No second category fees
  • No Buy Now Fees

You can not beat free auction listings. So go on and get your free auction store today by visiting

Free Wanted Ads

If you are looking for a service, hard to find items, or offering a service yourself try BizOrigins free wanted ads. Post it for free for 1 weeks or 2weeks for maximum exposure. After all it is free. You can even find parts to fix your coffee maker. Hard to find items can be found with bizorigins wanted ads. To place a wanted ad visit

Online Auction Website for BizOrigins. Bid, buy and sell online with free image hosting for auction ads.